Cauliflower Pizza

Question… what is it with some girls that completely miss the mark when it comes to guys NOT being interested? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ve had a few missed steps in my adventures in dating, or even continued down a path of self destruction, but I draw the line at making excuses for the opposite sex. Because guess what ladies, if he likes you he’ll call.

I can still remember being in young love and writing the name of a boy I liked on the inside and outside of every school notebook. Pretty sure I even carved his name into the bottom of my dresser, and by pretty sure I mean I 100% carved the name of the boy I liked into the bottom of my dresser. Not sure why, but love makes us do crazy things. I think he knew about my small crush because let’s be honest… The giant I HEART (insert boys name here) was a tough hide in every single class. I should really send him this post, “Hey you,  remember back in the day when I was scary in love with you? Well I also carved your name into my dresser.”

I feel like that would go over well, no???

But you know what does go over well?!? A frozen pizza, and I’m actually shocked that I the poster child for health is advocating for a frozen pizza, but you HAVE to try Wholly Veggie Cauliflower Crust Pizzas. They are A MA ZING and gluten free and vegan!!!


I’m partial to the broccoli and kale flavour, and then I just add a bunch of my own toppings to jazz it up.


Pizza… it’s the most delicious food after chocolate. #truth

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  1. Laurinda says:

    Thank God you didn’t tattoo his name on your arm. Good good girl.

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