Roasted Cauli Carrot Arugula Salad

Wake up in the morning and *claps hands* WE’RE GONE!!! Famous words (along with the action) that I have been saying my whole life the night before I hit the road for a vacation. I think it was a way for my mom to get us all jazzed before a holiday. It’s funny because when you’re a kid you haven’t got a care in the world when it comes to travel. Doesn’t matter what clothes are packed, where you’ll be sleeping, eating, showering…just the fact that you’re “travelling”  gets you excited.


Fast forward to present day and just thinking about my airport experience causes me to sweat. This part of the trip is my least favourite. It’s like a pot of gold at the end of a seemingly endless chaotic filled tunnel, with obstacles that could land you in jail or standing in front of someone snapping on their latex gloves. Let’s face it, airports in general tend to evoke a little bit of anxiety and “runway rage” in almost everyone. You’re ready to unwind AND you’ve managed to come up with the perfect Facebook status to make all your friends jelly. But first we need to get our tray tables stowed and our butts to our seats.


Let us begin…Ok, so arrive at the airport and it’s a free for all of random parked cars with hazards blinking, people jumping out or casually sauntering from their chauffeured rides. Everyone’s either kissing, or crying, and occasionally there’s a “get a room” bum squeeze. Then once inside it’s line ups like a long weekend at a theme park to check your suitcase, but that’s ok, this gives you plenty of time to stress about if you’ve forgotten anything at home or if you did in fact pack your passport and take your sharp ended tweezers out of your carry on. Next, check your suit case and begin to hold your breath hoping that the airline attendant doesn’t charge you a billion dollars because of those extra 15 bathing suits you packed, because now your bag has a significant bulge and it may just a weigh over the limit. Next we move towards the security checkpoints, my favourite part. You shuffle along yet another line where your bag is scanned in the hopes that whatever you’ve packed doesn’t resemble a weapon of mass destruction, or that the combination of your hair care and skin regime doesn’t = homemade explosive. Side note, why has everyone not clued in that at security you need to REMOVE your shoes ahead of time and that liquid is not allowed once you pass this point?!? It’s like those people in the LONG ass line at Starbucks that decide to look at the menu only when they reach the cash, PREPARATION IS KEY!!!


If you’ve managed to make it this far now you must waste time shopping in duty free, because like a good little traveller you arrived at the airport 3 hours ahead to avoid running to your gate like a frantic person. But this gives you ample time to buy that must have chocolate bar that is the size of your leg. Then there’s the gate hunt, that’s super fun too. Because I’m pretty sure whoever set up the gates in certain airports also never learnt the alphabet, because just as they announce that your flight is boarding you discover that 27F is oddly enough NOT right next to 27G, but in a different terminal all together. Enjoy your frantic run with your massive chocolate bar.

But now for the fun part of travel, pulling out your deliciously packed snack, or if you’re me a full blown buffet.

One of my go to’s for eating on a plane is my Baked NOT Fried Falafel but to spice things up a bit i’ve created a delicious side salad that goes amazingly well with those tasty little morsels.

Falafel Bowl (1)

Roasted Cauli & Carrot Arugula Salad


4-5 large florets of cauliflower chopped into bit size pieces
1 carrot peeled and sliced length wise
1 tsp cumin
1 tbsp grapeseed oil
1 tsp applecider vinegar
1 large handful of arugula (this is also delish with romaine)
Salt & pepper to taste
1-2 tbsp of Hummus

Set your oven to 400 degrees then line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

In a small bowl, toss your cauli and carrot with 1 tbsp oil, cumin, salt & pepper, then onto the baking sheet it goes and into the oven for about 25-30 minutes. You want your cauli to be tender when pierced with a fork.

Now once your veg are ready to rock and roll you need to let them cool because, and i’ve said this before; nobody likes hot salad. Once cool toss your veg in with your arugula, hummus, vinegar, a little extra splash of grapeseed oil, and sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Cauli Carrot Salad (1)

Serve that up next to some falafel and you’ve got yourself a first class meal.Best part, the person next to you will not only be jelly of your window seat but also your bomb ass meal.

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