Open Face Turkey Sandwich

Have you ever been eating and it’s so good that you find yourself thinking: I hope this never ends? I play that game a lot!  Yes, I might be tooting my own horn but the proof is in the pudding. The problem is that sometimes the thought of getting out the cutting board and turning on the oven seems like the toughest job of life, and sure I can have a bowl of cereal and be done with it, but where’s the fun in that? 

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On these days I’m brought back to a time in my life where I use to work in LA for a big time fancy pants film producer. One of the many perks of this job was that he had a personal Chef who would stock his fridge, and I mean STOCK!!!  Imagine going to a toy store as a kid and being told you could have any toy you wanted on the shelf….this fridge was my toy store.
Freshly made almond milk, every vegetable known to man were cleaned cut and just raring to go, fish, salads, sauces, chicken, turkey, I could go on. It was a Thanksgiving Cornucopia daily.  So those days when I didn’t want to turn on the stove or get out a cutting board, I would just open the fridge and have anything my little heart desired.
Sadly I can’t come and stock all your fridges, though on some weird level I kind of wish I could.  Instead here’s a go to recipe when a bowl of cereal just wont cut it.

Stocked Turkey Sandwich


2 slices of Queen Street GF Romano Bean Bread
2-3 tbsp of hummus (I like to switch it up between plain and roasted red pepper)
3-4 slices of red onion (paper thin slices)
1 carrot peeled and sliced, or grated your call
1/4 red pepper sliced
4 slices of cucumber
4 slices of Goat cheddar
2 pieces of turkey or regular bacon
2-3 pieces of iceberg lettuce
Salt & Pepper to taste
Squeeze of mustard

I know what your thinking: all these ingredients and this is suppose to be my easy “throw together” meal?  I promise the list is longer to read than it is to prepare…
Toast your bread, then spread each piece with some hummus – I like to really go to town on the hummus but that’s because I LOVE hummus.  Now add your red onion to both pieces of bread and brace yourself, this is where things get crazy…
On one slice of bread add your turkey bacon, sliced carrot, mustard and red pepper. And on the other piece of bread, your sliced cucumber, goat cheese and lettuce.
That’s right two sandwiches in one, I impress even myself sometimes.
That’s it!  Done!  Top with a little salt and pepper and enjoy.

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