Boxing Day Bliss

xmas-traditionTraditions… Every families got them, but I find when it comes to the holidays we’re less likely to “try new” ESPECIALLY when it comes to food. For as long as I can remember our Christmas menu hasn’t changed, but there’s a good reason for that. Our feast with all the “traditional” fixings is BOMB A$$.

I know the turkey is suppose to be the star of the show, but the truth is our stuffing is lick the plate worthy. It’s one of those passed down gems that we’ve been making ever since I was wee, it was actually my grandmother who perfected it, and every holiday eve I would sit on the floor of her kitchen and watch the magic happen. Then Christmas day the family would pile their plate full, and my plate consisted of 85% stuffing and a little sprinkling of everything else. Clearly this is why I love my boxing day breakfast tradition so much, because do you know what pairs perfectly with leftover stuffing?!?

A Boxing Day Sandwich.


No word of a lie from the moment I open my eyes on December 26 I am already drooling just thinking about how good it’s going to be. And it’s not just me; this is a Nilsen family affair, our Boxing Day breakfast tradition if you will. There may have even been a year or two that this “breakfast” tradition was also repeated at lunch, possibly even dinner, and I feel you judging me, but don’t knock it until you’ve taken a bite. Life changer between 2 pieces of bread.

So without further ado, put on your new Christmas slippers, pull the food out of the fridge, and get ready for all your dreams come true. As long as your dreams consist of eating Christmas leftover made into a tasty sandwich.

Merry Christmas from my heart to your mouth.


Boxing Day Sandwich


2 pieces of Queen Street GF Bread (my FAVE brand)
2-3 slices of turkey, use both white and dark meat, and yes this makes a difference
1 tbsp of cranberry sauce
1 tbsp mayonnaise
Salt and pepper to taste
2-3 pieces of lettuce (this makes it healthy)
then the stuffing, and be sure to use enough so that you can barely get your mouth around the finished product, so not ideal for a first date ladies.

Ok ready??? First you need to toast your bread just a wee bit, and maybe it’s just me, but I can’t eat a sandwich on un-toasted bread, not a fan. Next up layer both the mayo and cranberry. I like to put these on both pieces of bread, because if you’re going to eat a sandwich for breakfast may as well pull out all the stops right?!?

Now you want to add on your turkey, salt and pepper, LOTS of stuffing, then top with lettuce, smush it all together and hold on tight.


Get ready to have a life changing moment. Then when you start getting hungry again later and think, maybe i’ll have another turkey sandwich… Don’t worry, I won’t judge.

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